Aquarium Maintinance

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We are providing professional services and maintenance options to our customers in the market. From weekly visits to annual visits, we adapt complete options based on the kind of Aquarium to the type of fishes or live stock one carries We bring the philosophy that the tank is as much owned by aquanaturscape. We are equally or probably more concerned. Serving our customers is the first note for us

What We Do On Maintenance<

General cleanliness of the

Check Water Parameters viz. pH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate

Check Filtration & Electrical system, plumbing etc. for any issues

Check & Tune Lights intensity and focus

Clean the Tank’s viewing area from inside and outside using the necessary tools LED and solutions

Again closely observe the movement of the fish and observe any unusual behavior

some of tips to customers how to maintain natural aquariums and aquascape

Clean exact parts of filtration media such that biological balance is not disturbed


A Natural aquascapes and aquariums may be a self-contained system for fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants. Here, many various biological processes happen , which intertwine and - in their entirety - represent an ecological cycle

water change

A water change doesn't only serve the aim of increase water - which most fish are super happy about, by the way, making them more quick. Sometimes even make or mating action are often activate.

Cleaning measures

Many beginners have a completely wrong picture in their head, causing them to perform a cleaning job just like the following: The aquarium, including the substrate and filter is often (every month) cleaned good and free from all soil


Incidentally, sludge-and-leftover-eaters like snails and shrimp can make care work much easier. They process larger waste like leftovers, carrion and dead plant parts into smaller pieces, which can be subsequently better processed by bacteria. All surfaces, on which dirt usually accumulates, look much cleaner due to the cleaning team.

Cleaning the panes

dirty panes Nothing’s quite as off-putting as watching dirty aquarium panes, tarnishing the view. In this respect, the regular cleaning of the aquarium panes, both inside and out of doors , may be a sensible care measure. Many find this maintenance work very cumbersome. That is why it's an incredible relief to be ready to believe well-suited tools that simplify pane cleaning.