Auanature scape is suppling live ornamental fishes .Our product range covers fresh water tropical fishes, marine fishes, aquatic plants, aquarium accessories, e.t.c.

What we do care on your fishes?

The first thing you will learn about tropical fishkeeping, is that every fish is different, and you can’t simply throw a bunch of them into a tank, and feed them once a day. There is a lot more to it than that. When looking for beginner fresh water fishes.

We are hardy, and can endure more tragic conditions. We know you will treat your fish as good as We can be treat. it’s a good idea to choose fish which can survive in less than optimal conditions, and won’t be as threatened by changes in the water parameters. This gives you a little leeway, and more room for mistakes.

We are easy to care for. You are still learning, so don’t choose something that needs constant care and attention.

We are peaceful, and get on with other fish. Different fish have different levels of aggression, and while some may live peacefully with other fish, some won’t, so it’s important to choose fish which will live together as a community . We will fit in your tank. Knowing the size in which a certain species of fish will grow is crucial when populating your tank.