Aquanaturescape is designs such different type of natural aquariums to take benefit of Mother Nature. Our aim to can build aquarium cabinets and tanks in many different grades and sizes of glass, from standard glass to extra clear glass.
We can carry out a build survey and talk you during the design and how we build your new dream natural aquarium design. After sales service is provided once we install your natural aquarium to make sure things go as smooth as possible for you.
We can offer different type of natural aquarium themes.
• Lowtech tank
• High-tech tank
• South American tank
• South African tank
• Wabi kusa tank
• Shallow tank
• Paludariums & terrariums Vivariums
• Biotopes tanks
• Marine tank
• Iwagumi style & cave style tanks

Pond services

We also design such Ponds to take benefit of Nature to a large extent with a heavy focus on biological filtration over other forms of mechanical or chemical filtration (although they do play a major role). We provide the right plants, aquascape, landscape and decor to withstand all sort of outdoor abuse such as: Summer Heat & Direct sunlight Winters Monsoons Dry tree leaves Bird shit & other dirt Children & their unexpected actions Apart from the merit of the original design by itself, We also offer different type of ponds services .