Our Services

We Can Design Natural Aquascapes and Aquariums With Lot Of Experience. We Are Specialise In Natural Aquascape Design Services, and Aquarium Design Bonsai Landscape Design.

Aquarium & Ponds

We provide different type of natural aquarium themes. we also provide custom tank design and tank relocation.


Live Ornamental Fish

We are a leading supplier of live aquarium fish deals with strict quality actions to supply with best quality.


Bonsai Landscape

We are the only true landscapers in Hyerabad as we combine the form of hardscape and the art of softscape.


Aquatic Plants

we have 150+ type of aquatic plants. we will ship your plants right to door, & we guarantee we will arrive in perfect condition!



We are providing fish tank cleaning and aquarium maintenance services in Hyderabad.


Installation & Consulting

We can design your aquascapes from the ground up and install a custom aquarium system designed to exactly fit your needs and your space when we you consult us.

Want A Aquascape To Your lobby / Office / Home?

About Aquanaturescape


We're Creative

Aquascaping is a creative art form like a artist that allows create a type natural aquascapes and hardscape designs. every bit of the process is aimed to make the tank look like a natural underwater environment.

We're Experienced

The hobby of natural aquascaping and fishkeeping for years, we respectfully say that our experience is mixed and rich sufficient to help our clients get the best design.our experienced team manages all issues related to natural aquarium

We're Professionals

we see our aquascaping as an opportunity to effect people positively and to make the world a better place, even in a small way. The way of express that love for nature aquarium is through an artfully designed.
  • "Excellent shop, well stocked and very knowledgeable staff - without being pushy. Helped us to decide in suitable fish for a starter tank and we're considerate of the fishes needs rather than getting a sale. Will be back!"
    Mr BalaKrishna
  • "I am quite impressed with their helpfulness, quality of fish, and variety of tanks, plants, and everything you would need. "
    Mr Mallikarjun
  • "when i consulted them they helped to choose a best design for my home. i suggested to you this is the best place for natural aquascapes in hyderabad. just i fall in love when i see their natural aquascape designs."
    Mr Sohail